Courage & Conviction Cuvée Cask

Courage & Conviction Cuvée Cask

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Courage & Conviction Cuvée Cask

Country: USA - Virginia - Lovingston
Distillery: Virginia Distillery Co
Type: Single Malt
Age: 3
Cask: STR European Wine Casks
ABV: 46%
Proof: 92
Price: $85

Nose: Orange, raspberries, fresh red forest fruits. It opens up with a light matchbox feeling and lovely beechwood.

Palate: Thick palate, coffee, earthy, brown sugar, juicy, cinnamon. Cranberries, strawberries. 

Finish: Finish is long with mocha, leather, a touch of smoke. Warm, joyful, a night whisky.

Before reading about Courage & Conviction Bourbon Cask, one should read the review I wrote about Courage & Conviction American Single Malt first.

I spent my Sunday deconstructing the whisky above. Their cask trio is a great showcase of how to show the whisky blending process. I have already reviewed their Courage & Conviction Bourbon Cask and now it is the time for the Courage & Conviction Cuvée Cask.

I was lucky to witness its growth during the last years thanks to our friends at the Virginia Distillery Co. Cuvée Cask is the "STR" cask which is sourced from European red wine producers. Cask is shaved, re-toasted and re-charred. Remember Dr. Jim Swan?

There are 8 Cuvée casks used for this batch which you can find all the information on their very transparent product information on

This 3 year old single malt from Virginia has exceptional red fruit notes like raspberries, fresh cranberries with orange peel, beechwood and char on the nose. The palate is thick and dense like all other expressions and offers earthy notes, coffee, brown sugar, strawberries. It is very juice and a great joy to sip.

The finish is long and warm. Leather, mocha and smoke. A great night whisky.

The balance on the nose and palate is really good. The finish has a bit more smoke than I expected but you know what? It is putting a smile on my face!