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Best Whiskies of 2021

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2021 was a year that went so quickly for me. The first months were quite tough with health and job situation. I also finally relocated to Los Angeles, which changed my life in a very good way and I am thankful for it. I do miss my gang in Oakland, but I was lucky to visit them very often. In the second half of the year, I was possibly in the top 10 of 'Most Traveling Whisky Ambassadors', so I couldn't show the love on Whisky Monster as much as I wanted. However, I couldn't end this year without the Best Whiskies of 2021 list!


Selecting the Best Whiskies of 2021 was not an easy job. Since I traveled a lot this year, I tasted incredible whiskies. Just at the WOLF event in New York, I tasted incredible whiskies but I didn't add them to the list since I wasn't able to taste them multiple times.

All of the whiskies in this list were tasted at least two to three occasions in different mediums to be as fair as possible. Don't forget that all of the ranking here is personal, taste can differ from person to person. Every whisky is tasted with a Blender's Glas, a tulip glass and a Glencairn glass to get the most detail out of it.

It was really hard to decide on 10 but I have chosen all the memorable ones from all those incredible whiskies. Most of the whiskies in the list are purchased by me and some of them were sent to me for honest reviews by the brands.

So here are the Best Whiskies of 2021 for me!

Trader Joe's Bourbon Whiskey

Trader Joe's Bourbon Whiskey

One of the late superstars of the year! A cost-performance monster at 62.5% abv and with $29.99 price tag!

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