Wheel Horse Bourbon

Wheel Horse Bourbon

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Wheel Horse Bourbon

Country – Region: USA – Kentucky
Distillery: Owensboro Distilling (Subsidiary of Green RIver Distilling Co)
Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Age: 2
Cask: American White Oak
ABV: 50.5%
Proof: 101
Price: $28

Nose: Candied orange, cedar bark, caramel, cinnamon, toasted oak, vanilla

Palate: Creamy, sweet, honey, milk chocolate, butterscotch, baking spices.

Finish: Fresh, black tea, white peppers, tannic dry

Wheel Horse Bourbon comes from Owensboro Distilling in Kentucky which is a subsidiary of Green River Distilling Co, however, these new names just came after a historic one, O.Z. Tyler Distillery. The distillery roots back to 1885. Being the 10th in Kentucky, its code is DSP-KY-10. It experienced fires, Prohibition, change of owners but today it is emerging again under the name of Owensboro Distilling.

How Does It Taste?

Wheel Horse Bourbon has a mash bill of 70% corn, 21% rye and 9% malted barley. The whiskey is produced with the sour mash method, distilled in copper stills, and aged in 53 gallons American white oak barrels for 2 to 4 years.

The nose starts with candied orange, cedar bark, cinnamon, toasted oak and sweet vanilla. Caramel is an underlying note all over. The palate hid for a while, then it revealed creamy, sweet milk chocolate, butterscotch, oak spices. The finish starts fresh with an immediate black tea feeling ending in a tannic, dry way.

The nose is very pleasant and honestly, the finish impressed me with its complex character. The black tea is really distinctive and dryness of the palate with peppers and tannins made it a better experience. 101 proof is just at the right point. It doesn't burn or you don't feel that it is low.


This bottle was sent to me by the brand to review, and since it is a new release, I haven't seen it in the market yet. So the whole tasting experience was blind. After I wrote my tasting notes and gave my points, I decided to take a look at the pricing. $28!!!!! Are you serious? For this price point, I can even increase my points, though my ratings are not impacted by prices to be fair.

Wheel Horse Bourbon is a solid sipping bourbon. It is not weak, it is not super layered, but I can assure you it is delicious and well worth your money!