Weller Full Proof Bourbon

Weller Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon 2020

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Weller Full Proof Bourbon 2020

Country: USA - Kentucky 
Distillery: Buffalo Trace
Type: Straight Bourbon
Age: Min 2 (straight whiskey)
Cask: American Oak
ABV: 57%
Proof: 114
Price: $50 (MSRP)

Nose: Brown sugar, buttercream, grapefruit zest, caramel, cherries, vanilla. Touch of Brioche comes out too.

Palate: Sweet tones with cinnamon bark, dry, toasted oak. Mouth coating, layered and balanced.

Finish: Chocolate and leather notes joins light maple syrup with toasted oak.

When Weller Full Proof was announced in 2019, it created a massive hype than imagined. Weller bottles were highly sought after by bourbon lovers after constantly being marketed and rumored as the quality Pappy alternative! Bottles like Weller 12, Weller Antique 107 increased the popularity in time and as we thought that Weller C.Y.P.B skyrocketed the interest, Weller Full Proof just took it to another level.

This bourbon is often confused with being barrel strength because of its name.  Full Proof refers to the entry proof of the spirit to the barrel which is 114 proof.

Weller Full Proof 2020 is one of the whiskies I enjoyed. It actually fits the wheated bourbon profile as I generally prefer to drink with higher proof. What I liked in this bottle is actually the darker, mouth coating palate with layered character. So that, it is well far away from being one dimensional.

Despite the proof, it is easy to drink a couple glasses of this solid bourbon.

But let's mention the elephant in the room. As you saw above, the suggested retail price for Weller Full Proof is $50! Which is a great price for the quality of this bourbon. However, the high demand, low resources and unfortunately ever-growing hype on the brand made this bottle to be sold $350-$600 in the market. That is something I will never ever pay for any Weller bottles. When I was working as a spirits buyer a few years ago, I was selling Weller 12 for $45 and Weller Special Reserve for $30, which are fair prices for the brand. Actually, before this hyped period, Weller was lost in the bottom shelves of many liquor stores. So, my suggestion is, if it is not that important, there is no point in emptying your wallet for any Weller.



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