Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1

Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1

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Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1

Country: Ireland Distillery: Waterford
Type: Single Malt
Age: 3
Cask: 1st fill ex-American Whiskey,  French Oak, Vin Doux Naturel
ABV: 50.0%
Proof: 100.0
Price: $100
Teireoir Code: OR01E01-01

Nose: Lemon tart, biscuits, spearmint, vanilla, fried asparagus, sea breeze

Palate: Oily, cream Brulee, oyster brine, seaweed, very light raisins, vanilla custard.

Finish: Long, citrus, lemon zest, peppers,

Writing about Waterford Whisky is a big matter. There is an overdose of details about the distillery, the production, the people behind it, the concept and everything else. That is why I have written an article to cover these topics and resolve to the reviews! If you don't know Waterford Distillery yet, stop and click this link, read and come back. I have just received the US releases of Waterford Whisky and I couldn't be more excited.

All Waterford Whisky reviews I wrote:

Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1 is in The Arcadian Series. Unlike my former reviews, Organic Gaia 1.1 is not a Single Farm Origin single malt. This time, Waterford put their hands on every organic barley they could find and used for this whisky. John Mallick, Paddy Tobin, Alan Jackson, Pat and Denis Booth, Jason Stanley and Trevor Harris took the challenge of growing organic barley for malting and I am trying to understand their marvelous job with my small brain through my nose.

Waterford lays down 400 to 600 barrels of organic spirit in a year, they also plan to do a Single Farm Origin version of the organic whisky.

Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1 is Ireland's first whisky distilled from certified organic Irish barley. Hence the name Gaia, the neopagan goddess of yore, a personification of Mother Earth herself, is a fitting custodian.

For this whisky, Ouverture variety was used with Mauri's Distiller's Yeast through a fermentation period of 136 hours. The whisky is matured in the following barrels for a total of 3 years 9 months and 20 days.

First Fill ex-American Whiskey
Virgin American Oak
Premium French Oak
Vin Doux Naturel


Barrel Composition for Organic Gaia 1.1 is given here. If you want to get more information on the barrels visit click on the Teireoir Code above and check out the sizes, cooperages and fill dates of these barrels.

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Tasting Waterford Whisky again made me feel how I appreciated the style once more. This is a young whisky but not a wild young. This is 'in progress' young whisky.

As I liked the nose around citrus and grain-based flavors, the palate blew my mind with maritime flavors of seaweed, oysters, fishery! As a former ocean engineer that visited ports and marinas numerous times, it took me back to those days.

As time passes, whisky starts to offer you spicy notes from virgin oak on the nose and on the palate. The green notes also take you to a waterfront location with fresh air and lots of waves hitting the promenade!

Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1 is offering me so many beautiful notes that I can already put it at a spot on the top of my Waterford reviews!