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Traverse City Whiskey Co Whiskey Reviews

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USA is home to numerous craft distillers which is creating a variety of whiskey options for us to choose from. Traverse City Whiskey Co. is one of them. Michigan is showing an average temperature of 80 degrees in summer with winters as cold as 20s. This fluctuation throughout the year has a positive impact on the whiskey.

Traverse City Whiskey was kind enough to send a care package for me to review and I reviewed them honestly. Tasting notes will include their 3 year old bourbon, the barrel proof bourbon, North Coast Rye, Port Barrel Finish and the American Cherry Edition as a great advantage of being from the ‘Cherry Capital of the World’.

I do remember my surprise with their first expressions when introduced during my spirit buying days. So, I am kind of getting into this tasting in a hopeful way.

Traverse City Whiskey
Traverse City Range

TC Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon

TC Straight Bourbon Whiskey

TC North Coast Straight Rye Whiskey

TC American Cherry Edition

TC Port Barrel Finish

Please let me know what you think about the whiskies as you have the chance to try them!

Also, don’t forget to visit their shop! It is fun because you can also buy a barrel that they used to age Traverse City Whiskey in!