Traverse City Bourbon

Traverse City Straight Bourbon

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Traverse City Straight Bourbon

Country: USA - Michigan - Traverse City
Distillery: Traverse City Whiskey Co
Type: Straight Bourbon
Age: 3
Cask: American Oak
ABV: 43%
Proof: 86
Price: $45

Nose: It starts with vanilla, custard and mint honey. Toasted oak comes up with caramelized sugar dissolving into cherry.

Palate: Great malty feeling with creamy texture. Apricots appear first. Crema Catalana feeling appears with the notes of candied orange. A small touch of pepper arise with coffee beans.

Finish: Finish is warm but definitely not overwhelming. Pretty soft and velvety with notes of cocoa and candied ginger.

I am a true believer of most of the bourbons from the 'craft' distilleries in the US are not aged enough to reach that delicate point which makes you fall in love with bourbon. 

Traverse City Whiskey has a little bit different aspect to it though. With the climate in Michigan region where the temperature fluctuates in a big range, aging can theoretically be a little bit faster. 

This three year old bourbon shows a simple nose at first which opens to a way more superior and complex palate. I would still say that this bourbon is still young, but I would expect something around 5 years with the texture. 

Especially after trying the Barrel Proof, I respect the simplicity of this one. High rye also helps with the warm finish, which was a good touch for my palate.