Spidark Oak Whisky Glass

Drinking From An Oak Whisky Glass?

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SipDark is a great brand which has created numerous wonderful products for us the whisky drinkers. However, two days ago, they came up with a new glass project on Kickstarter, which happened to be a great success in just two days.

SipDark American Oak Whisky Glass

Inspired by the Glencairn Glass, this oak whisky glass by SipDark is looking just so awesome that I couldn’t keep myself from getting a couple. Moreover, the campaign got the support in less than 24 hours, and actually doubled that on the second day.

I am also one of those who likes to see the liquid in the glass while drinking but this design caught my eye in just a second and of course as a glass collector, I had to own one, or two, or three:) You can also read what I am thinking of the modern whisky glassware.

SipDark states that every glass is shaped from natural unprocessed oak that has been carefully selected. They use an innovative blend of beeswax to ensure a proper seal on your glass.  Each glass is individually sealed with sweet natural beeswax prior to shipment. I have checked tach of my glasses upon arrival and they do work pretty well. Oak whisky glass is slowly becoming a thing.

SipDark American Oak Whisky Glass

Wood was used historically in Vikings, Flanders times and especially with beer steins. So a retro move is just ahead of us and I am pretty sure that these glasses by SipDark will look fabulous in my whisky cabinet!

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign!!