Scotch Whisky Simplified

Scotch Whisky Production Simplified

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Scotch whisky production is not a piece of cake. It is a complex process that contains numerous variables such as nature itself, time, people and even global warming. That is also something I tried to explain in my post ‘How Whisky Is Made?’

However, I also wanted to tell the production in simple terms and I decided to use my extraordinary(!) drawing skills then made this simple illustration which can give you an oversight of the production of Scotch whisky, called ‘Scotch Whisky Simplified’.

I hope you will like it!

Scotch Whisky Simplified

Please note that, all the aspects of Scotch whisky process is purely simplified here. There is no peat involved in the illustration, which can be added to malted barley step. There are no condensers of any type represented as they are another step in detail in my opinion. We can also talk about the blending of single malt whiskies to create large batches, but again this is just a story in simple terms right?

Don’t hesitate to reuse this illustration. I will just ask you to give me some credit in exchange:)

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Scotch Whisky Simplified