Interview with John Glaser

Questions & Answers with John Glaser

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A gift of a bottle of Compass Box whisky, The Lost Blend, made by John Glaser, changed my life forever. I have to thank Volkan Fotocan, a fellow whisky lover from Turkey for that. After then, I have followed Compass Box very carefully, tried to taste what I could afford. Every other bottle and their stories were just amazing. They easily make my Best Whiskies of The Year lists easily.

Compass Box Hedonism The Muse - John Glaser
Compass Box Hedonism The Muse

One day came and I was lucky to grant myself and two other friends a meeting with John Glaser at their office in outer London. It felt like entering into a candy shop and meeting your favorite soccer/football player at the same time as a kid.

After John telling us about Compass Box, what they are trying to achieve, we tasted a few (!) of current and ancient Compass Box creations. Then I nicely asked John if I can ask 5 questions and record it. He happily accepted it.

Here you go! A question and answer session with John Glaser himself.

Questions & Answers with John Glaser

John and his team hosted us to an incredible level. We left the office with huge smiling faces and honestly, the train ride back to London couldn’t feel that good ever!

Thanks to all the team and John Glaser himself. Thanks to Cem Alpay and Sarp Eğilmez for recording the video and helping me out!