Octomore 12 Range

Octomore 12 Is Finally Here!

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This year was a tough one for the industry! We have faced lots of issues with shipments, with supply chain process and even some distilleries couldn’t find bottles to fill. So, we had to wait for some whiskies that we were excitedly waiting for. One of them was the Octomore 12 series!

Last year I was very lucky to be in the release team of Bruichladdich: The Octomore 11 – Tasting Advice and Notes. We created a great guide for those who enjoyed Octomore. This year, we got on board again and this time created The Octomore 12 Insider’s Guide with what we call ‘The Octomore 12’ team.

We formed 3 teams and worked meticulously on each expression, coming up with ‘The 8 Minutes Tasting’ for each whisky. Food pairings, comparisons with former Octomore bottles and more.

Octomore 12 Range
Octomore 12 Range

My team was responsible for the Octomore 12.2 (how lucky;), and I did have the chance for an extensive review a couple of months ago.

Octomore 12.2
Octomore 12.2

The team consists of the following incredible people.

Jeffrey Schwartz – WhiskeyFellow – Instagram & Blog
Nathan Keeney – The Scotch Noob – Blog & Twitter
Drew Hannush – Whiskey Lore – Blog & Instagram
Richard James – Marvel At Whisky – Instagram & Twitter
Bianca Espinosa – The Scotch Girl – Instagram
Ben Rhodes – Barrel Raised – Instagram
Cody Diefenderfer – Dram Dude – Instagram
Ericka Ginger – The Scotchtress – Instagram
Jeremy Chapline – The Charred Cask – Instagram & Website
Jenna Elie – Whisky A Go Girl – Instagram
Josh Peters – The Whiskey Jug – Blog & Instagram & Twitter
Koray Ozdemir – Whisky Monster – Blog & Instagram & Twitter