Octomore 11.3

Octomore 11.3 / 194 PPM

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Octomore 11.3

Country: Scotland – Islay Distillery: Bruichladdich Type: Single Malt
Age: 5
Cask: 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon 
ABV: 61.7%
Proof: 123.4
Price: $225

Nose: Pears, spring flowers, sea breeze(right by the Atlantic Ocean), vanilla, subtle minerals peat, sourdough

Palate: Chewy, explosion of stone fruits, juicy malty notes pushing to dryness to the end. 

Finish: Warm, chocolate, tobacco bitters!

Octomore 11.3 speaks about Islay! the '.3 coding' for Octomore is known as 'Octomore of Octomore' since the barley that is used for making this whisky is harvested from the Octomore Farm! Octomore 11.3 was distilled in 2014 with the 2013 harvest of 100% Octomore Farm grown Concerto barley! The barley from the farm is malted to 194 ppm of phenol level!

New made spirit is put into first fill Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace and Jack Daniel's barrels to be aged for 5 years on Islay! Bottled at 61.7% abv, Octomore 11.3 in a white frosted glass bottle is limited to only 18000 bottles.

You might also want to check Octomore 11.1, which is also aged for 5 years in ex-American whiskey casks.

Octomore 11.3 194 ppm

Octomore 11.3

However, this is a different beast! Orchard fruits, spring flowers, some salinity, vanilla, sourdough! Peat is really subtle considering 194 ppm.

Stone fruits takes the scene as whisky touches my tongue. Palate has juicy malty notes on the front but becoming drier as it progresses. Dusty grain, quince appears later in time.

Finish started amazing with a never ending, warm character having tobacco bitters and chocolate. With water finish gets even drier and ash is introduced.

After water, lavender appears and makes it even more floral with a small explosion of vanilla! Also, during our tasting with Josh Peters and Bianca Espinosa, Josh used power of suggestion on me and installed a great feeling of a French bakery!

This bottle will be one bottle I will be fighting to get one this October!