Milk & Honey Whisky In Bloom

Milk & Honey – Whisky In Bloom – Lightly Peated

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Milk & Honey Whisky In Bloom

Country: Israel - Tel Aviv
Distillery:  Milk & Honey
Type: Single Malt
Age: 2
Cask: Ex-Red Wine STR & Ex-Bourbon & Ex-Islay Casks
ABV: 46%
Proof: 92
Price: $53

Nose: Abruptly balanced patisserie cream and peat! Fresh summer flowers with oatmeal, vanilla and heather.

Palate: Peat comes forward but not overpowering. Beautiful dry quince notes with green peppers balanced delicately with some red forest fruits.

Finish: Medium and warming. An earthy character with notes of cherry and cinnamon.

This is one of the two whiskies from Israeli distillery Milk & Honey  of their Whisky In Bloom bottles exclusively made for the US.

The Israeli distillery's first expression Double Cask was aged in ex-red wine STR casks and ex-Bourbon barrels. You can find its tasting notes here! I was a little bit skeptical with that and I believe it has a large room for growth.

Though this one... Lightly Peated is an amazing piece! Maturation in 3 different casks definitely added some layers and texture to the experience. Aside from ex-red wine STR casks and ex-Bourbon barrels, we also see the impact of ex-Islay cask here.

It looks that peated nuances could hide the young power at some point and create a joyful palate for us.

Balanced, layered and delicious! The only was a bit off was the medium finish, which I believe will improve in the coming years. As the name Whisky In Bloom suggests, there is more to come and I am already really excited for the future releases of the brand.

I love how peat behaves great to some young whiskies like this Whisky In Bloom. Another young and peated whisky that you might like is the new Ardbeg Wee Beastie!