Mic.Drop Bourbon Whiskey

Mic.Drop Bourbon

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Photo Credit: Henry's Wine and Spirits

Country: USA – Indiana
Distillery: MGP
Company: PM Spirits
Type: Straight Bourbon
Cask: American Oak
Age: 8
Proof: 112

Nose: Highland fruit like aromas while nosing. Apple pie, yellow fruits, buttery vanilla accompanies caramel and allspice.
Palate: Starts off with nuts, cinnamon and sweet carob. Baked apple pie and pecan nuts also appears after some time.
Finish: Warm, dry, peppery and medium long with tobacco and earthy notes.

Photo Credit: Henry's Wine & Spirits

I have always liked rye whiskies from MGP, but this time I am tasting a 8 year old high rye bourbon, Mic.Drop Bourbon from PM Spirits
Bottled at full proof of 56%, Mic.Drop surprises you.

Mic.Drop Bourbon has a mash bill of 75% corn, %21 rye and 4% of malted barley which are also stated on the label as the founder Nicolas Palazzi believes in full transparency.

To be honest, as a MGP bourbon, I loved what is in my glass. I also loved the packaging with an American superhero figure, glass cap, mash bill and all the transparency elements. Though since 3400 bottles were made, $100 retail figure may create a small unrest before they are all gone!

Water brings out a somewhat softer character with spring flowers and more spice on the nose and honey on the palate. Though I won't be using water again for this bourbon as it creates a really soft palate.

Are you curious about the name?
Here is the story...

"Fast-forward to a dinner in Brooklyn this spring. The whole evening, his next-door-neighbor RB was trying to get Nick’s two-year-old daughter, who sounded like a kitten just spoke when she murmured a word, to drop her plastic toy microphone to the floor, say the words “Marie out!” and then bust out the dining room door.

The beauty of English not being one’s mother tongue is that each day one gets to discover new words and phrases. Palazzi had never heard of a “mic drop”.
Boom, the name was born."

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