Macallan Classic Cut 2017

Macallan Classic Cut 2017 Edition

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Macallan Classic Cut 2017

Country: Scotland - Speyside
Distillery: The Macallan
Type: Single Malt
Age: NAS
Cask: Oloroso Sherry
ABV: 58.4%
Proof: 118.4
Price: $120

Nose: Strong, fit for autumn, wet sherry cask, sweet ginger, oak, vanilla, sugar cane, red fruits and baked dates. With water some earthy notes and citrus join the game.
Palate: Definitely not as viscous as I expected from the proof. Though the taste is pleasing with caramel, oak spices, sherry, dried fruits and blind taste will definitely give you The Macallan feeling.
Finish: Lingering with nutmeg, cinnamon, almonds and it dries as it diminishes, which I really liked.

Unlike many others, I appreciate NAS releases from Scottish distilleries and try to give them a chance. This does not only reflect how unusual ages can behave but also show us the beauty behind it.

The Macallan Classic Cut 2017 Edition is a new start of a cask strength Macallan series. This bottle is followed by 2018 and 2019 Editions.

The 1824 Series from The Macallan was not a huge gem for me. I don't recall that I have got a third bottle from that series.

However, Macallan Classic Cut looks like it will change my mind. The biggest complaint from this Macallan was its super fluid texture. I was not expecting a big, chewy body since Macallan is not offering that too much with younger whiskies lately, but I would appreciate a punch in the palate. Still wishing a younger Macallan could be like Macallan 7 Year Old.

Aside from the negatives, everything else looks like it is on the target for this bottle. Approachable palate, rich nose and lingering finish with elegant flavor range.

To sum up, if I am looking for a cask strength Macallan, my choice would still be Macallan 10 CS. However, I would just put the Macallan Classic Cut close after that. For sure before the 1824 Series.

Revisited in August 2020

I actually still have positive opinion on this whisky as the latter Classic Cut editions disappointed me. Maybe it was just my high expectations after the level of 2017 Edition.