Laphroaig Lore

Laphroaig Lore

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Laphroaig Lore

Country - Region: Scotland – Islay
Distillery: Laphroaig
Type: Single Malt
Age: NAS (7-21 years)
Barrel: Ex-Laphroaig & Oloroso & Quarter Casks & ex-Bourbon
ABV: 48%
Proof: 96
Price: $109

Nose: Earthy peat, smoke, ash with sea salt, softening vanilla and chestnuts. Upon water milk cream appears but also replaces a bunch of aromas.
Palate: Almost chewable:) Dried fruits, lovable peat with chili swirls in your mouth with leather notes.
Finish: Short and dry but I love it. Ginger, nuts, plums and iodine is all over the experience.

Laphroaig Lore is one of the newest expressions from the famous Laphroaig Distillery. The word 'Lore' refers to information passed from generation to generation. Distillery manager John Campbell adapted this word for Laphroaig to show the serious knowledge and experience that are passed down to a new distillery manager from the former one.

Let's hear what Campbell says:

"Of all the traditions passed down to me, the thing I really love about Laphroaig is the innovative cold smoke process of our barley. The completely unique smoke profile, for me, is the main element that makes Laphroaig, Laphroaig."

Laphroaig Lore is called to be 'The Richest of The Rich' by the distillery. Familiar Laphroaig character from the American bourbon and quarter casks gets softer but richer when it meets the double matured European oak. To enhance richness even further, whisky from highly peated casks are also used. Exact ages of whiskies in Lore are not known officially but rumors say that there are whiskies which are barreled in 1993. (Update: The new batches in 2019 are told to be made with whiskies ranging from 7 to 21 year old whiskies)

When it comes to tasting, I definitely loved the nose. Wonderful sea breeze meets with earthy notes and peat in a beautiful balance. Fruits give a great character in the chewable palate and different aromas like charcoal, ash, sweet plums create a wonderful play.

Rich, complex and delicious!