Lagavulin 16

Lagavulin 16

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Lagavulin 16

Country Scotland – Islay
Distillery: Lagavulin
Type: Single Malt
Age: 16
Cask: Bourbon & Sherry
ABV: 43%
Proof: 86
Price: $90

Nose: Peat and smoke is dominant when poured. Honey, vanilla, dry plums, grains and maltiness creates a real complex whisky. Awesomeness!
Palate: A whisky with strong body. Oily and creamy. An experience you don't want to finish with caramel toffee, smoke, fruity and oaky tastes.
Finish: Lagavulin 16 has a loooong finish. Spices, dates, figs combine with vanilla and peat to attain elegancy.

16 year old is the legendary bottle from Lagavulin Distillery. Most of the people around has some emotional bond with it. The rating coming from my heart is 99!

Now let's speak professionally. The job that the distillery has been doing by keeping this whisky consistent is incredible. This is one thing that Diageo often excels at. Johnnie Walker Black Label is another whisky that they kept the consistency at a high level.

The oily and thick texture gives an incredible character to the whisky. Amount of Sherry influence in this whisky is so amazing that it can also behave like a benchmark to other Lagavulin expressions.

Its peat smoke just makes you fall in love with peat!

One huge problem in the US is the pricing in the market. You can find this gorgeous bottle from $70 to $110. I believe Diageo should take care of this situation as soon as possible.

"Dramatic Waterside Distillery" makes our hearts warm with this bottle.