Kavalan Solist Madeira Cask

Kavalan Solist Madeira Cask

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Kavalan Port Cask Finish Concertnaster

Country: Taiwan
Distillery: King Car
Type: Single Malt
Age: 5
Cask: Madeira Cask
ABV: 57.1%
Proof: 114.2
Price: Sold Out - Auctions

Nose: Demerara sugar, burnt caramel, carob, treacle. Cherries, lavender, baked pears, prune, raisins, damp oak, tobacco leaves, sandalwood

Palate: Creamy, strawberry jam, cherries, black peppers, oak spices, ginger, apple pie.

Finish: Very long and lingering, juicy. Oak spices, cinnamon, caramelized butter,

A cold November Friday night was crowned with numerous good bottles and a few great people talking about the bottles. As we were capping the night this Kavalan Solist Madeira Cask came out and I was very lucky to open this bottle as our last whisky, thanks to our host and my good friend Whisky Sifu.

Some packaging works shine out lately with their colored boxes. We have been seeing blue boxes, red canisters, Art-deco bottles, but this time we have a salmon color packaging that made everyone curious about how the liquid in the bottle was.

Kavalan Solist Madeira Cask

Kavalan Solist Madeira Cask

Kavalan Solist Madeira Cask was produced as a single cask bottle from cask number D150507054A, and this was one of 236 bottles. It is also bottled at cask strength, at 57.1% abv. The bottle has already hit the secondary market at some auctions even though it was bottled on October 6th!!!

The nose offers a lot and it starts dark with Demerara, carob, treacle, and caramel like flavors. With time, beautiful red fruit aromas surround with baked fruits and completed with tobacco leaf and sandalwood.

The palate is really creamy. It offers strawberry jam, cherries, black peppers with a great balance of ginger, apple pie and oak spices. Nothing is very overpowering but you feel a strong texture all the time.

The finish is very long and it feels like a flow of the palate with a juicy mouthfeel. Oak spices, cinnamon and caramelized butter just make it more fun.

I am not sure if I will see another bottle of this one soon but I got myself a sample to write this review after having a couple of drams that day so I have the best medium for tasting. Kavalan has been a hit or miss for me most of the time but it looks like this bottle might be a contender for my top 10 this year.