Kavalan Sherry Cask - The Whisky World Single Cask

Kavalan Sherry Cask – The Whisky World Single Cask

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Kavalan Sherry Cask - The Whisky World Single Cask

Country: Taiwan
Distillery: King Car
Type: Single Malt
Age: 10
Cask: Sherry Cask
ABV: 59.4%
Proof: 118.8
Cask Number: S081223027
Price: $170

Nose: Treacle, ripe blackberries, dates, figs, bitter oak, Demerara sugar, raisins, grape molasses, no burn, very dark maple syrup. Coffee, chocolate.

Palate: Dry start, blackberry jam, raspberries, ripe dates, milk chocolate, tobacco, leather, nutmeg, cinnamon, prunes, juicy plums. At the back, black peppers with toasted oak.

Finish: Very long and lingering. Sandalwood with damp oak. Carob, molasses, cinnamon.

One night in February, I have seen a friend on Facebook that has a great palate for sherried whiskies. He was surprised this single cask of Kavalan Sherry Cask wasn't sold out at the time. I took my chances and brought a couple of bottles. It took me ages to review but let's get it on with.

Kavalan's single casks are generally hit or miss with me. When they are old (old for Kavalan I mean, they might be over-oaked. But, if you can find a sweet spot one, that can do wonders. This single cask whisky is aged for 10 years in a sherry cask with the number given above. It was selected by The Whisky World . As a cask strength whisky, it was bottled at a hefty 59.4% abv. The one I am reviewing is bottle 155 of 421 bottles ever produced.

Kavalan Sherry Cask - The Whisky World Single Cask

Kavalan Sherry Cask - The Whisky World Single Cask

How Does It Taste?

The nose on this one is dark, heavy, feels overoaked if you don't take your time and try to chug it. Whiskies like these need time. It started off with treacle, molasses, ripe blackberries. With time, it develops into raisins, figs, maple syrup, coffee, chocolate and many more. It is so luscious and complex. When you close your eyes, it feels like whisky can stick on your finger if you touch it.

The palate is not that different from the nose. It has a really dry start then turns jammy with blackberries and raspberries. Ripe dates resolve to milk chocolate, tobacco, leather, nutmeg, cinnamon, and juicy prunes. On the way to the finish, black peppers with toasted oak make a good promo.

The finish is very long and lingering. Sandalwood, damp oak. carob. red berries, carob, molasses, cinnamon, caramelized sugar with a great texture.

Adding water didn't mute or change the nose a lot, however, it softened the palate and introduced cedar tree, more raisins and orange.


This single cask from Kavalan Sherry Cask shouldn't be missed, especially if you are a Sherry freak and love your sticky, jammy, spicy Sherry influence. This is a lone sipper, this is for book worms or late night lovers. Such an incredible bottle to have.

This year I was also lucky to taste the new Kavalan Solist Madeira Cask which was another super tasting Kavalan. This Kavalan Sherry Cask made me really happy with my purchase. I will definitely have a glass of this on my birthday, on Christmas night and New Year's Eve! If you like your Kavalan, or your sticky black pudding Sherry wine, don't stop yourself and get a bottle!