Johnnie Walker Green Label

Johnnie Walker Green Label

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Johnnie Walker Green Label

Country: Scotland
Brand: Johnnie Walker
Type: Blended Malt
Age: 15
Cask: American&European Oaks
ABV: 43%
Proof: 86
Price: $53

Nose: A distinctive woody start with cedar and sandal wood. Chocolate notes with understated smoke aromas blended with caramel and tropical fruits. Adding water adds complexity where you find your self in a fruit orchard circled by lemon and orange peels with summer flowers.
Palate: Has a creamy texture. A stodgy and intense mouth coating liquid is felt with a big body. Honeycomb, milk chocolate, oak, mango and smoky notes meet with balance and makes you wish the glass won't finish.
Finish: Peppers and maltiness are the first distinct characters. Light cereal notes turn into vanilla and oaky traces with tropical fruits.

Johnnie Walker Green Label was a miracle I met during my Bachelor's Degree celebrations. Until 2012, I enjoyed this great dram until Diageo decided to cease the production. I have only good and better memories with this particular whisky.

Luckily it is back!! And, yes it is good as before! This blended malt has Talisker, Caol Ila, Cragganmore and Linkwood malts in it, resulting in a genuinely balanced character. Ease of drinking is utmost and it has a complex flavor profile.

Johnnie Walker Green Label offers complexity and richness in flavor during nosing and an explosive flavor in palate which somewhat brings out a great single malt experience. Talisker's smoky notes keep you amazed every second. Speyside malts gives a great  feeling of nature with their fruity and intense floral characters. Caol Ila adds spices to keep your palate alive.

A must buy and drink! For another JW I could never leave, go and check my Black Label review.