Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label

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Johnnie Walker Black Label

Country: Scotland
Producer: Diageo
Type: Blended Scotch
Age: 12
Cask: Various Oak
ABV: 40%
Proof: 80
Price: $40

Nose: Oak, honey, caramel, smoke, traces of citrus, coconut and figs.

Palate: Has a silky texture. Round and full bodied. Starts with maple syrup and spice, toffee are added.

Finish: Has a medium long finish. Rich and complex. Leaves its signature with Sultanas, lime and smoke.

Johnnie Walker Black Label is still underrated in most of the countries. In my honest opinion it should be found in every bar and can be easily enjoyed often.

Good start for a good night can be managed by Johnnie Walker Black Label.

When talking about blends, nowadays we often forget how challenging it is to maintain the consistency of a blended whisky through ages. Last year, I was enjoying a selection of vintages of Johnnie Walker Red Label and  Black Label. I can say that Red Label was unfortunate to lose a great character but Black Label was not that far from 1940's bottling. Thinking of the amount of different whiskies in it, imagining some of them changed the qualities in time, some even getting mothballed, it is a really challenging quality to have in today's world.

Getting back to the whisky, I have always been a fan of Johnnie Walker Black Label and hardly seeing myself forgetting about it. It always delivers rich and complex flavors with a nice texture. I can also compare it to a solid guitar which is old but durable, with a great sound.

What I think about other JW bottles? Well i love some, I don't fancy some. For one I like a lot, visit my review.