Highland Park Dark Origins

Highland Park Dark Origins

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Country: Scotland – Islands
Distillery: Highland Park
Type: Single Malt
Age: NAS
Cask: 1st Fill Sherry (European and American) & 2nd Fill Sherry
ABV: 46.8%
Proof: 93.6
Price: $85

Nose: Vanilla, figs and cocoa. When water is added toffee and burnt milk appears.

Palate: Sweeter than expected. Creamy. Peat, coffee beans and chocolate are blended in a pleasant way.

Finish: Long and sweet. Muted. Bitter chocolate notes at the end.

Dark Origins from Highland Park is a single malt created in honour of the 'dark' character of Orkney Island, Magnues Eunson. He was the mastermind behind illegal distillation on the island.

Whisky also has a dark character. New and used sherry, European and American oaks blend in a nice way to create an experiment. When I tasted the Dark Origins, I had no problem defining it as a good whisky that can be enjoyed. Honestly, it also had more points before my revisit. Though, I figured out that I couldn't find the Highland Park character I liked here.

No surprise that in the upcoming years it has become harder for me to appreciate every new bottle coming from the Orkney distillery. Dark Origins felt like a starting point.

In the upcoming years Highland Park released another 'Dark' bottle. Click to find its review too!