Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart

Highland Park 15 Year Old – Viking Heart

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Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart

Country: Scotland – Islands
Distillery: Highland Park
Type: Single Malt
Age: 15
Cask: Sherry Seasoned European & American Oak & Refill Casks
ABV: 44%
Proof: 88
Price: $110

Nose: Stone fruits, bubble gum, butter, French bakery, heather, cereal, pears, lemon curd, gentle peat smoke

Palate: Very balanced, velvety, honey, vanilla, pineapple, sponge cake, mellow peat

Finish: Long, fruitful, honey, light peat smoke

Highland Park got me already surprised with the Highland Park Cask Strength Release No.2 and that was obviously not enough for them. They sent me a holiday surprise with a ceramic bottle having my name and a holiday message on it. Well, 'Whiskey Monster' is not the way to spell my brand but they literally made it up with the new Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart!

Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart

Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart

Ceramic Bottle?

More than a century ago, it was usual to have whisky in ceramic containers. In modern days we continue seeing some Tullamore DEW or some American whiskies bringing this tradition from time to time. I actually have a few friends with serious ceramic bottle collections.

For this bottle, Highland Park partnered with Wade Ceramics based in Stoke-on-Trent in England. With the brand's words: "The lead-free porcelain decanter is 100% food-safe, glazed inside and out, and embossed with the lion and serpent design that appears on many of our glass bottles. Look closely at the back of the bottle and you’ll find the heart motif that inspired this whisky’s name."

How Does It Taste?

The nose gives out stone fruits, bubble gum feels like walking through an orchard. Then buttery notes arrive with a French bakery smell. Heather, pears, cereal notes with lemon curd follows them. Gentle peat smoke is on the base of each flavor.

The palate is very balanced! Love it! Velvety with honey and vanilla as pineapple swirls in your mouth. Sponge cake with mellow peat leads you to finish in a gentle and delicate way.

The finish is long and fruity. Honey, light peat smoke, pineapple, vanilla and nutmeg is there.


A no-brainer buy for me! I try to taste whiskies multiple times. The first taste I had from Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart, I loved it but I found the texture to be very light. BUT, this wasn't the case for the second, third and fourth time I tasted it. The texture was very well integrated.

This is a very different Highland Park than I had over the years from the brand. It is dangerously fruity, delightful and even more dangerously drinkable. I am so scared that I will finish this bottle quickly since I cannot see through the ceramic bottle.

If the price was under $100, this would be one of the best whiskies lately.  Though it is very delicious.

Great job Highland Park, very joyful whisky!

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