Hepburn's Choice Bunnahabhain 27

Hepburn’s Choice Bunnahabhain 27 Year Old

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Hepburn's Choice Bunnahabhain 27 Year Old

Country: Scotland – Islay
Disillery: Bunnahabhain
Type: Single Malt
Age: 27
Cask: Refill Hogshead
ABV: 51%
Proof: 102
Price: $160

Nose: Starts with green malt flavors. Then a lovely touch of toasted oak comes to the scene. Quince, apple pie crust, young apricots and coconut with undertones of very mellow peat.

Palate: Melange of stone fruits, mango, peaches. It has a savory and salty character which makes a juicy palate. Cinnamon, apples and light peat are still there.

Finish: Honey, briny, a touch of smoke and melon.

Remember my favorite whisky last year? That whisky rebuilt my Bunnahabhain palate after enjoying it. My dear friend Mayur from Whisky Goodness surprised me with this bottle of Bunnahabhain 27 and we opened it together. A few minutes later, we were down on 2nd glasses.

What Is So Special About It?

This Bunnahabhain 27 Year Old from Hepburn's Choice spent its life of 27 years in a refill hogshead cask. it was distilled in 1989 and bottled in 2016. K&L had this single cask Bunna for only $160 and as you can imagine, it is already gone since there were only 198 bottles of this beauty.

Hepburn's Choice Bunnahabhain 27

Hepburn's Choice Bunnahabhain 27

How Does It Taste

The nose starts with a green malt feeling. Then toasted oak appears and it is very gentle, giving a passage to quince, apple pie crust and young apricots. There is also an undertone of mellow peat with coconut.

The palate has a fanfare of stone fruits. Mango, peaches, papaya, apricots are dancing together. Then it suddenly adds a savory character with salty tones. Cinnamon, apple and light peat take you to the finish.

The finish is simple with honey, briny notes, melon and a touch of smoke.


This Bunnahabhain 27 Year Old is such a beautiful whisky at a great price. It is one of the bottles that I will be very sorry to finish. I want to thank Mayur again for this generous gift.