Glenfiddich 20

Glenfiddich 20 – Spirit of Speyside 1995 Cask

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Country – Region: Scotland – Speyside
Distillery: Glenfiddich
Type: Single Malt
Age: 20
Cask: First Fill Sherry
ABV: 57.8%
Proof: 115.6

Nose: Chocolate, cinnamon and molasses. With time Turkish coffee and demerara syrup notes arrive.
Palate: Has Glenfiddich's signature fruity notes with dried fruits, toasted bread, Christmas cake with brown sugar, figs and plums. Coming richer every second and makes you smile. Texture is really chewy and bold in viscosity!
Finish: A tornado like finish with allspice, shaved oak and ginger

Glenfiddich announces a different whisky on the eve of the Spirit of Speyside Festival and it looks like I was damn lucky to be there and get this whisky on my visit to the Glenfiddich Distillery in 2015. Unfortunately Glenfiddich 20 had just 250 bottles from the cask but you may still find a bottle on the auction websites.

I kept this bottle of Glenfiddich 20 for two years without opening and the day came in 2017 where I tasted this beauty with whisky connoisseurs. Verdict? The bottle is amazing and deserves to be the best whisky of 2017 for me.

Being matured 20 years in first fill sherry casks enhanced the taste so well! A chewy structure with an explosive flavor profile. This bottling of Glenfiddich 20 is such an amazement. Almost syrupy body dissolves so nicely in your palate without overpowering any of the flavors and creating a well balanced environment.