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Edinburgh Whisky Academy Wants to Educate You!

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This morning my inbox had a pleasant message which made me smile. Edinburgh Whisky Academy, which is offering qualifications on a portfolio of whisky and gin courses, announced that they will be offering their online courses 30% off on its value. Their courses are SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) approved.

As I checked their team, I have seen some familiar and passionate lecturers, journalists and writers like Vic Cameron, Blair Bowman, Dominic Roskrow. It is also interesting to see an experimental psychologist and a master maltster too.

Edinburgh Whisky Academy Discount

There are 4 different SQA certified courses that Edinburgh Whisky Academy offers which you can take with a certificate of completion.

Introduction to Whisky Certificate: Fundamentals of whisky in eight modules.
Wake Up Your Whisky Nose: A standalone online module that introduces the anatomy and physiology of the olfactory system and how understanding it can deepen your appreciation of tasting whisky. 
Focus on Flavour: A standalone online module that delves into the fascinating chemistry behind flavor origination in the inimitably versatile and complex spirit that is Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
Gin School: Gin School is a fun and interactive online course that will take your gin knowledge to the next level.

I am honestly intrigued by Diploma courses from Edinburgh Whisky Academy as I know some good friends who took it. Though it feels impossible for the time being, so I will also take some of the courses to keep my knowledge up to date.