Compass Box Rogues' Banquet

Compass Box Rogues’ Banquet

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Compass Box Rogues' Banquet

Country: Scotland 
Miltonduff, North British, Clynelish, Glen Elgin
Type: Blended Scotch
Age: NAS
Cask: Hogshead & Bourbon
ABV: 46%
Proof: 92
Price: $220

Nose: Cream custard and milk jam were the first aromas I got. Then vanilla hits and followed by ripe stone fruits and brioche. 

Palate: Mouthful texture with spicy beginning followed by apricots, balanced nuttiness, touch of burnt wood and papaya. It feels like walking through a fruit orchard with some snacks in your hand. 

Finish: Cardamom is enriched by allspice which further mellows down with heather and mango flavors. Velvety, warm and long.

"Rogues' Banquet is made for the gourmands and the hedonists who have accompanied us for the last 20 years." are the words Compass Box uses while describing this whisky. I am no gourmand, but certainly a hedonists and a sincere follower of the brand. 

Compass Box Rogues' Banquet is a fruit of last 20 years. I actually feel lucky to own a few more bottles of this celebration bottle so maybe I can open another when we are celebrating 30, 40 or 50...

Compass Box Rogues' Banquet

Compass Box Rogues' Banquet

Anyway let's get back to the whisky. For this whisky, A generous amount of malt whisky from The Miltonduff Distillery more than two and a half decades is used. It is blended with grain whisky form The North British Distillery. The blend is enriched with some Clynelish and Glen Elgin malt whiskies. You can find official ratios below.

The Miltonduff Distillery- Malt Whisky - Recharred Hogshead
The Great British Distillery - Grain Whisky - 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel
Glen Elgin Distillery- Malt Whisky - Recharred Barrel
Clynelish Distillery- Malt Whisky - Refill Hogshead

The nose gives me a great amount of creamy feeling, milk jam and vanilla for a while. I wasn't letting the glass away from my nose. Loved it! Then I was having my first sips and I found myself thinking of words like fruit basket, orchard, a pack of fruits and so on. 

As time passed, I was writing my tasting notes and I figured out that I actually can find a few Compass Box whiskies in this very bottle. I recalled Hedonism The Muse which was also my number 3 whisky in 2018! I recalled Delilah's XXV, Myths & Legend Series and a couple more. 

This was a spectacular feeling as this whisky is a commemorative whisky for the 20th anniversary, which I will describe as a 'Celebration Whisky'.

I believe Compass Box has nailed a good whisky here. They have released 5267 bottles around the world. So, you still can find some bottles at this time (May 2020) and I believe they will be around for some time as we are experiencing a rough period now. 


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  1. Hello,

    I have been reading your Compass Box reviews and have enjoyed your insight.

    I am interested in the tasing you glass you have pictured in the Rogues Banquest review. What glass is that?

    Thank you


    1. Author

      Hi Kevin,
      Thank you for your kind words, your time to read through the reviews and your comment.
      On that post, I have photographed Nude Island Whisky Glass – Medium.
      You can find how to get one from this post.