The Octomore 11 - 8 Minute Tasting

Bruichladdich: The Octomore 11 – Tasting Advice and Notes

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Today is October 1st and it is the Octomore 11 release day! I have teamed up with Bruichladdich and 10 whisky aficionados who are listed below to create ‘The Octomore 11 Insider’s Guide’. We have been working for some time to create a guide for a deeper understanding of the whisky and everything that makes it the Octomore.

The Octomore 11

Koray – @whiskymonster
Jeff – @whiskeyfellowWebsite
Bianca – @thescotchgirlWebsite
Ericka – @thescotchtress
Josh – @thewhiskeyjugWebsite
Brett – @scotch_trooper

Rich – @marvelatwhisky
Cody – @dram_dude
Ben – @barrelraisedWebsite
Jeremy – @thecharredcask
Nathan – The Scotch Noob

Part 5: Tasting Advice and Notes


Whisky Monster - Koray Ozdemir

Koray Kaan Özdemir – Whisky Monster

Koray Kaan Özdemir is a certified whisky specialist, living in California, surfing the whisky world under the name Whisky Monster.
After his engineering career, he found happiness in whisky and started the first drink culture blog in Turkey. Which he followed up with by starting Whisky Monster after his move to the US. Ever since he has been consulting whisky brands and spreading the word of whisky as a brand ambassador.

Telling about myself as a third person is tough:) You can still visit and find a larger section about me on this page!

Bianca Espinosa - The Scotch Girl

Bianca Espinosa – The Scotch Girl

Bianca Espinosa, known as The Scotch Girl on social media, has been passionately learning about whiskey for over 9 years. While realizing the need for a more unique way for professionals to connect. She combined her experience of networking, with her love of introducing people to new whiskies. In the past three years, Bianca has cohosted over 20 events throughout South Florida and virtually.

Josh Peters - The Whiskey Jug

Josh Peters – The Whiskey Jug

Josh Peters is better known by his online moniker The Whiskey Jug. He started geeking out about whiskey well over a decade ago, but took that passion to the internet and launched his blog (TheWhiskeyJug) about 7 yeast ago. Since then he’s logged well over 1,500 reviews and tasting notes for individual whisk(e)ys… and those are just the ones he’s gotten around to typing up. His heart is in whiskey, but he loves everything from the Wine to Mezcal and all the cocktails in-between

Octomore 11 - Tasting Advices and Notes

I have tasted numerous whiskies with both Bianca and Josh personally. We have also met on virtual tastings many times during Covid-19 restrictions. This time was a little bit different! We gathered on a Sunday afternoon with clear palates to experience Octomore 11.1, Octomore 11.3 and Octomore 10 Years for 8 minutes each.

Why 8 minutes?

We believe that all whiskies require more than 1-2 minutes to fully understand the quality, richness and complexity. With the Octomore in question, we think that it required more. The high phenolic levels, different barley style, age and barrel variation between the expressions create momentous details during the tasting. Thus, we decided on a longer period than we usually do, which is 8 minutes for this tasting.

'Octo' also means 8 in Latin!

So, without further ado, here is our video of The 8 Minute Tasting!

The 8 Minute Tasting

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