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Best Whiskies of 2020

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2020 was the weirdest ever! Our lives changed in the most amusing way. We have been stuck to our homes, apartments. We stayed away from crowds, had to be parted from our families. My life has also changed. I avoided traveling, exploring the US and the world. I decided to get healthier and made big changes in my life.

One thing that didn't change is my passion for whisky, and I again ended this year by tasting over 300 whiskies. As I do at the end of every year, it is the time for me to reveal my list, Best Whiskies of 2020! 


Best Whiskies of 2020 was not an easy job. This year, I came across a lot of great drams and all I can say is, there were beautiful ones that couldn't make the top 10.

All of the whiskies in this list were tasted at least two to three occasions in different mediums to be as fair as possible. Don't forget that all of the ranking here is personal, taste can differ from person to person. Every whisky is tasted with a Blender's Glass and a tulip glass to get the most detail.

One thing I changed this year is, I decided on the top 20 and tasted them all over again before deciding on the top 10.

It was really hard to decide on 10 but I have chosen all the memorable ones from all those incredible whiskies. Most of the whiskies in the list are purchased by me and some of them were sent to me for honest reviews by the brands.

So here are the Best Whiskies of 2020 for me!

Jefferson's Ocean Voyage 22

Jefferson's Ocean Voyage 22

This bourbon is one of the last-minute clinchers of the last day tasting. It climbed to number 10 with the flavorful nose and soft, elegant palate.

Find the review for Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea Voyage on this link.