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Best Whiskies of 2015

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A restless truly celebrated December left itself to a brand new month and a year. As it is the first post of the new year I wanted to write about my Top 15 Whiskies in 2015. I have tasted a lot of different whiskies in Speyside, Edinburgh, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and İstanbul. Also with our tasting clubs İstanbul Whisky Friends, Maltın Günü, Whisky Friends and Gusto Whisky Club I had to chance to reach a lot of great drams. In this post, you will find the 15 whiskies that left a rich trace on my palate and memories. Don’t forget that the list is totally personal and I am just a young whisky enthusiast. Let’s meet the Top 15 Whiskies of 2015 according to Keyif Adamı.

New Irish star. Especially about cost and performance, it is unbelievable. Finished in rum casks for 6 months, this whisky releases nutty aromas accompanied by honey, caramel and earthy scents. The round, creamy and oily texture creates an easy drinkable dram. With a price of 27€ at the Duty-Free, this Irish was one of the top performers of 2015.

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