Best Whiskies of 2019

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2019 passed so fast! Though it was a fruitful year for me since I traveled almost 3 times around the world and got the chance to try over 300 new whiskies. Traveling to India and meeting its whisky culture was a big highlight. Also, my trips to major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, DC, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Diego made me meet whisky friends in each city, where we enjoyed a lot of good drams.

All of the whiskies in this list are tasted at least two to three occasions in different mediums to be as fair as possible. Don’t forget that all of the rankings here is personal, taste can differ from person to person. Choosing 10 whiskies as the best whiskies is not the best thing a lad can ever do but it is a tradition now. So here is the Best Whiskies of 2019 for me!

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