Best Whiskies of 2017

Best Whiskies of 2017

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Another year is going by and this year was especially really important for me as I moved to the US from my precious country Turkey to follow my whisky passion in a land of excitement and opportunities. Every year on the last days of December, I gather my top whiskies I had that year and pick 10 incredible ones.

This year was so hard as I tried hundreds of whiskies from every continent of the world of scattered age and distilleries. I had whiskies of 40+ age from historical Scottish distilleries, but I also tasted a bunch of young craft distillates from California or rising stars from India.

All of the whiskies in this list are tasted at least two to three occasions in different mediums to be as fair as possible. Don’t forget that all of the rankings here is personal, taste can differ from person to person. Choosing 10 whiskies as the best whiskies is not the best thing a lad ever can do but it is a tradition now. So here is the Best Whiskies of 2017 for me!

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