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Best Christmas Gifts for Whisky Lovers in 2020

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There are so many Christmas gifts for whisky lovers out there and it is really hard to pick one good gift. I am lucky to come across many different and interesting products, and I wanted to share a few of them with you. Everything you will read are the products that I personally used. Let’s find your perfect Christmas gift.


Before seeing all the products, may be you will like to help a friend out. This year we had not the very best news from our friend Brett Ferencz aka Scotch Trooper. His was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and this naturally made us broken but at the same time united all the whisky industry together! #WhiskyFabric is stronger than ever.

Scotch Trooper
Scotch Trooper

If you are even remotely following #whisky on Instagram, you definitely came across to one of his incredible works. Is there any better gift than helping out a good friend? Until now we have raised around $92k on the GoFundMe page that is opened to help him and his family.

Brett Ferencz and Family
Brett Ferencz and Family


Paul John Christmas Edition 2020

What can be better than whisky in Christmas time? Of course a Christmas whisky! This time, it is coming all the way from Goa, India. This whisky is a lightly peated single malt from a blend of 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrels, Oloroso casks and American virgin oak barrels. I already wrote a review here!

Paul John Christmas Edition 2020
Paul John Christmas Edition 2020

Whisky Advent Calendar

Admit it, advent calendars are always fun! There are a lot of whisky advent calendars out there. I decided to go with Drink By Dram’s 12 Day Irish Whiskey Collection calendar. Since I already have plenty to drink this month, 12 day calendar sounded pretty good. However, they have many different and 24 day calendars too. Or you can get 15 different 24 day calendars and enjoy every single day of 2021!!

Drink By Dram - Irish Whiskey Collection
Drink By Dram – Irish Whiskey Collection


A new whisky glass is appearing every other day now. It is both easy and hard to find the best glass as the needs differ from person to person. This year I was fascinated with two whisky glasses.

Island Whisky Glass – Nude Glass

Incredible glass with a stem! The rim is gently flared, stem height is just great and it is light! It certainly upgraded my whisky glass set! It is the glass standing next to Glenmorangie A Tale Of Cake.

Nude Glass offers 2 of them at $50, which is really worth the money! This one in the photo is the ‘Medium’ model. There is also a ‘Tall’ model which has a fantastic look but I find the Medium to be more proper for whisky drinking.

1920’s Professional Blenders Glass / Professional Whisky Glass

This onion shaped glass was created from a style of glass used by blenders in the 1920s. I first got some at London Whisky Shop and The Whisky Exchange naturally offers them on the website. If you are in the US, Wonders of Whisky is also offering the same style under the Professional Whisky Glass name.


I have a few decanters and decanter sets that I have been using for a while now. A decanter set always makes a good gift! I picked two of them for you at different price ranges.

Nou Living Decanter & Glass Set

I met Nou Living’s set last year during their product development phase. We were discussing about the size of glassware, chilling steel, whisky stones, decanter shape and cuts on the glassware. A few months later, they came up with the first set and send me one. After that I found myself gifting the same set to a few friends.

This is a good looking, classy and sturdy set. What I like about is the cuts and shape of the decanter. I don’t necessarily use ice in my whisky but the spherical steel chillers are the largest in size, offering the smallest large surface area, which is the optimal chilling method for your neat spirit.

It is priced around $100 but I believe there is an ongoing $70 campaign on Amazon right now.

Chill Whisky Tumbler and Decanter With A Marble Base by Nude Glass

Chill Whisky Tumbler and Decanter can be some of my favorite toys. It is really fun to drink from the glassware. Design is minimal and the marble base keeps your spirit chilled if you want. Marble bases for each glass and decanter are different since they are real marble.

These glasses and decanter doesn’t come in a set but you can buy them separately from Nude Glass’s website, Saks Fifth Avenue or Lumens


Malt Whisky Yearbook 2021

If you are just reading about this, you have missed a lot! Ingvar Ronde’s Malt Whisky Yearbook is a great reference book that you can follow what has been happening in the world in the year. Malt Whisky Yearbook 2021 is the 16th edition covering 665 malt distilleries around the world, including top notch articles from renowned whisky writers, a wonderful section about independent bottlers and incredible stats on whisky world.

The Complete Whiskey Course

Whenever I meet Robin we always get into a heated conversation about whisky! Well, due to the pandemic we can’t get together easily anymore, but luckily he wrote a book and I can argue with it!

Robin Robinson’s book The Complete Whiskey Course will give you a great insight into the whisky world and the industry. He starts from history, the production, and takes you all the way to every continent that makes whisky!


The Kentucky Double

The Kentucky Double is a handcrafted, high quality cigar ashtray with a coaster. All the materials used are sourced from the USA and I can say that this product will last a lifetime. You can find their products here. They also offer customized designs on the coaster part like the on the photo below having my logo.


Just Badass Coffee

Just Badass Coffee is a new coffee brand founded by our friend Christopher Dangler. I know the guy and he is passionate about what he does. Just see above product, The Kentucky Double. After he sold his business at The Kentucky Double, he came up with Just Badass Coffee. But, what is the connection with whisky?

Whiskey AF
Whiskey AF

One of their coffees is called Whiskey AF! It has Colombian beans and the beans are barrel aged! And, yes! It is delicious!!!