Athrú Keshcorran 14 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Athru Keshcorran 14 Year Old Irish Whiskey

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Athrú Keshcorran 14 Year Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey

Country: Ireland
Distillery: Lough Gill
Type: Single Malt
Age: 14
Cask: Ex-Bourbon, Tokaji Wine
ABV: 48%
Proof: 96
Price: $175

Nose: Honey, oak spices, warm, pine trees, a touch of sulphur

Palate: Creamy, sultanas, pears, quince dryness, apricots, Manuka honey, nutmeg at the back

Finish: Dry, warm lingering, peach, tobacco, Sur lie!!!!!

It has been a great year for tasting fabulous Irish whiskies! I have tasted incredible ones like Bushmills 28 Year Old Cognac Cask WhiskeyGreen Spot Château Léoville Barton and many more! It was just suitable to put an ending with this new and exclusive whiskey from Lough Gill Distillery in Sligo, Ireland. Athru Keshcorran 14 Year Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey.

Lough Gill means 'bright or white lake' and is also the name of the lake that is neighboring the distillery. The construction of the distillery was completed in 2019 and now they have a facility to produce 1 million liters of spirits annually. The whiskey is made from 100% malted barley and is triple distilled. Then they are aged in bourbon barrels.


The first edition of whiskies from the distillery is crafted by one of the bests in the industry, Billy Walker.

Athru Keshcorran 14 is one of the three whiskies that are released in Athrú Trilogies Collector Editions. Keshcorran tells the old Celtic Myth of King Cormac, the first great High King of Ireland. It is also limited to 6600 bottles like the other two bottles. The other bottles are Annacoona and Knocknarea which are finished in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso casks respectively.

What About Athru Keshcorran?

I kept this here to create some excitement. Billy Walker is very well known for what he had done at GlenDronach and BenRiach with his incredible use of barrels and he is also putting a show at GlenAllachie. Keshcorran is finished in Tokaji wine barrels! When I saw this, I was really excited as Billy Walker also was behind the Tokaji finishes at BenRiach.

After 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels, whiskey is finished for 2 years in Tokaji wine barrels and bottled at 48% abv.

Athrú Keshcorran 14 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Athru Keshcorran 14 Year Old Irish Whiskey

How Does It Taste Like?

The nose kept itself hidden for a while but then what an opening!! It started warm with honey, oak spices. It opens up with orchard fruits, pears, apples, and a minimal sulphury feeling. The palate starts with a creamy texture and a show of sultanas. Pears, apricots, Manuka honey takes it on to the finish with nutmeg and quince dryness.

The finish needs another paragraph. It takes from the palate dry and warm. It is lingering and peach becomes dominant with earthy notes of tobacco leaf. Then, suddenly, sur lie hits! When a wine is allowed to stay in contact with its dead yeast cells to develop more flavor, it has been aged on sur lie! Agin on sur lie creates nutty and yeasty aromas in white wines and prevents the extended formation of sulfur-smelling compounds. As the whiskey is diminishing, those nutty and yeasty aromas hit my palate and I was like ' Whoaaa!'

Then time passes and the character of the whiskey started to release more nutty flavors, baking spices, fruit cake.


Even though, this is the first bottle that I have tried from the distillery, Athrú Keshcorran 14 Year Old impressed me deeply. Lovely nose, great palate, incredible finish. Like a good Cognac, with time it just got deeper, more intense, warm and fascinating.

I also reviewed Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake this year and I also tasted that to compare while I was tasting this one. The Cake is another whisky but I got more peach and coffee notes mainly. In time it opened up very fruity, zesty and floral, though Keshcorran which just got layered with rustic and earthy notes.

A must buy! Wish it was a bit affordable.