Ancnoc Cutter

anCnoc Cutter

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Country - Region: Scotland - Highland
Distillery: Knockdhu
Type: Single Malt
Age: NAS
Barrel: Ex-Bourbon
ABV: 46%
Proof: 92
Price: $75

Nose: Oak and phenol aromas clash. Aeration brings out peach and nectar notes which are lovely.
Palate: Ashes, ashes and ashes. A great surprise to start with. Funky citrus notes blend with apple peel and peach bites. Oak notes are soft and lovable. Of course,  peat is all over.
Finish:  'I got muscles' said the dram. Walnut notes with bitter spices and cloves create a harmony with peat.

anCnoc Cutter, is a special expression from anCnoc's 'the Peaty Range'. With a phenollic level of 20.5 ppm(parts per million) it is around the same point with Bowmore and Highland Park generic expressions.

Released in 2014, anCnoc Cutter is named after a tool which is used to extract peat from shallow and drier regions. Matured in ex bourbon casks, the whisky has a pale colour and it is the peatiest sunshine of the series.

I love how wide the range of flavors in Highland whiskies. In 1894, when Knockdhu Distillery was founded peat was the main heat source for whisky production in Highland and most of the whiskies had a peaty character. That is exactly why Knockdhu created the Peaty Range.

The Cutter is an ideal new experience for peat lovers and ex bourbon cask fanatics. Totally an underappreciated bottle.


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